The American Society of civil Engineers (ASCE), formed in 1852, is the oldest engineering society in the United States. Boasting a national membership of over 115,000 professional members and over 15,000 students, ASCE seeks to enhance the quality of living throughout the world by advancing professional knowledge and improving the civil engineering practice. The student chapter allows civil engineering students to become involved in engineering competitions, networking/socials, & community service projects. ASCE serves as a job hotline linking the students with industry.


The objective of ASCE at Florida Atlantic University Student Chapter is to encourage students to excel in just the classroom but within the Civil Engineering profession. ASCE aims to provide the leadership and teamwork experience that is essential to become a professional engineer. Members work in team's to design, build, and compete in national competitions, in addition to networking with Engineers, learning about the local community and environment and establish life long relationships with students, educators and professionals.


Get Involved @ FAU
The ASCE FAU Student Chapter is the largest engineering organization on campus. We strive to properly prepare our members for their future careers and provide opportunities for students to learn how to communicate effectively, lead, and work as a team in a professional engineering environment.


Attend Regional Conference
Students have an opportunity to participate in competitions with other student teams in the region. The event includes a business meeting, professional/technical presentations, a variety of competitions, (concrete canoe, steel bridge, surveying, technical paper presentations, etc.), social activities and an awards banquet.
Seminars, Workshops, & Social Events
Seminars and workshops provide a rewarding experience in networking, learning new things about civil engineering, and new skill sets that you don’t learn in the classroom. Socials allow you can get to know your classmates outside of the classroom, make friends, and enjoy ASCE activities with one another.
Apply Class Skills
Provides students the opportunity to apply and learn important civil engineering concepts through reinforcement of concepts from classes & design projects. Giving a hands-on learning approach of engineering practices and use of materials.
Get to know and work beside classmates, professors, & professional engineers. Gain practical knowledge from professionals in the engineering community. ASCE serves as a job hotline linking the students with industry.
Volunteer & Community Service
Give back to the community where we help those in need and provide our members with the opportunity to make a difference through various community, environmental, & volunteering projects and events.


The concrete canoe is an annual competition between American Society of Civil Engineer (ASCE) chapters nation wide. Each chapter’s team constructs a canoe made out of concrete, and these are compete against each other. There are 18 regional competitions, and the winner from each advances to the national competition to compete against the best concrete canoe teams in the nation


The Steel Bridge Competition is an annual event that challenges engineering students to design and fabricate the most structurally and functionally efficient bridge.The competition has been around for over 20 years and has become one of the largest events at the annual ASCE conference. Each year the rules are modified to keep the competition fresh and competitive. The bridges are designed to be erected at the competition. After the bridge is built, it will be weighed and load-tested with 2500 pounds. Deflections and the depth of the bridge section are measured.These measurements will then be entered into formulas to determine the overall winner.


In addition to the national Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge competitions each annual conference host school supplies small competitions. Last year's small competitions included Professional Paper, Fiber Reinforced Beam, Concrete Cornhole, Visual Display, Surveying, T-Shirt Design, Geotechnical Lightweight Fill, Plan Reading, Balsa Bridge, Service Project, & Mystery. We will post this year's small competitions when we receive them.


Give back to the community where we help those in need and provide our members with the opportunity to make a difference through various community, environmental, & volunteering projects and events. If you like hands on events, we periodically work with Habitat for Humanity and beach clean-ups.


Teresa Villalon-Camacho

Lisandre Meyer
Vice President 1

Cristina Caceres
Vice President 2

Rodrigo Torres
Vice president 3

Daniela Herrera
Concrete Canoe Co-Captain 

Andrea Martinez
Concrete Canoe Co-Captain 

Josh Garcia
Steel Bridge Co-Captain/ Webmaster 

Greg Kozina
Steel Bridge Co-Captain 

Darryn Long

Justin Napollitano
Community Outreach Chair


Pravin Nanayakkara
Fundraising Chair

Jonathan Danforth
Conference Chair

Robert Tobar
Human Resource Chair


Gabriela Bitar
Recruitment Chair


Juliana Gonzalez
Marketing Chair

Marcus Delcastillo
Marketing Chair

Jordan Clayton
Events Chair


Dr. Fred Bloetsher

P.E. & Associate Professor


Dr. Daniel Meeroff

Associate Chair and Professor


Dr. Yan Yong

Department Chair and Professor